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Aroma Bliss

Plenty of blissful aroma is bundled up in the AROMA BLISS collection. Coffee and Green Tea give you peaceful moments while Edo Modern and Edo Sensual bring you an exotic mood. Enjoy the different aromas and the history behind the AROMA BLISS collection.

The culture of Edo (former Tokyo) during the early 19th century was bloomed by the townspeople. One of the Edo artifacts is the Japanese garment pattern called "Edo Komon.” This type of pattern was created in the samurai society where people expressed themselves with unique patterns and colors while still following strict dress codes. As you may be familiar, these designs are still seen in modern times.

The aroma of coffee and green tea are each transformed into incense. 2 fragrances that will be held dear to many:
*Mellow and rich fragrance of freshly brewed coffee.
*Delicate and refreshing fragrance of green tea leaves.
As soon as your senses respond to the gentle aroma, you will feel at peace.

* This product is not edible.

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