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Mori No Koh

The forest is a place where we can feel the blessings of nature, In Japan, people commonly engage in so called forest baths to breath in phytoncides, which are emitted by trees in order to improve their health and mental conditions. Mori No Koh (Scents of the forest), has three assorted fragrances: Fir (bluish green), Japanese Cypress (Green), and Conifer (dark green). Our modern technology and traditional craftsmanship are working together to produce these incense sticks with fresh and calm forest scents.

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NIPPON KODO | Exceptional Quality - MORI NO KOH - MORI NO KOH / Scents of Forest 60 sticks MORI NO KOH - Scents of Forest 60 sticks

Assortment of 3 fragrances: Fir, Japanese Cypress, and Conifer.