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Item#: OED-0606


6 pkgs each of 6 fragrances with wooden display rack with header and display testers.

The rich translation of incense craft and the art of the perfumer weave the fragrance of old Edo.
The culture of Edo (the old name of Tokyo) was a playful and stylish one, born out of a marriage of the elegant and the common, the coarse and the refined. People enjoyed the four seasons, treasured their friends and neighbors, and lived lives brimming with vitality. This series was created by master incense artisans in Tokyo to express the fragrant atmosphere of old Edo. A single thin column of smoke beckons you to the stylish, modernist world that Edo represents. We invite you to bask in the fragrant world of Edo.


- No bamboo core for a clean burning, pure scent.
- Box includes 60 sticks and a tin incense stand
- Petite, cute package for great gift for every occasion.
- For refreshment, relaxation, reading, listening to music, yoga, bathing


Key Note: Aloeswood(#38201)- Savor the deep, rich fragrance of aloeswood, prized by the people of old Edo as the most luxurious of fragrances.
Peony Tree(#38202)- Love potion of the geisha quarter, enchantment of the floating world. The sweet scent of peony has untold charms.
Cherry Blossom(#38203)- Savor the joy of Spring time, when young and old alike feel the allure of the outdoors, with the sweet, gentle scent of cherry blossoms.
Chrysanthemum(#38204)- Chrysanthemums were loved by the people of Edo not only for their beauty, but also as a symbol of longevity. The fragrance is smooth, refreshing, and invigorating.
Pine Tree(#38205)- The brisk and refreshing aroma evokes reveries of old Edo, where pines lined the streets frequented by travelers, keeping watch and protecting them.
Water Drop(#38206)- The bustle of the bath house, where neighbors laugh and splash together. A warm and friendly fragrance for after bath time.
Burn Time: Approx. 12 min.
W/O Header W20 x H1 x D7 (in.) / W508 x H25 x D178 (mm)
W/ HEADER: W20 x H9 1/4 x D7 (in.) / W508 x H235 x D178 (mm)
  • 6 pkgs each of 6 fragrances with wooden display rack with header and display testers.