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Sacred Frankincense 20g
Sacred Frankincense 20g - POSITIVE ENERGY | Nippon Kodo - Quality Incense Since 1575

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Sacred Frankincense, a natural blessing from the earth.

Sacred Frankincense is a tree resin with a woody, spicy scent that has been used since ancient times. The melting of resin will release a healing aroma into the air, purifying and blessing your home. Sacred Frankincense resin is typically burned using charcoal discs.

Are you looking for heightened spiritual awareness and deeper meditation? Calming or balance of the mood? Sacred Frankincense is said to bring these out, along with sharper mental focus and memory.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Each package has a net weight of approximately 20g
  • Resin size and quantity varies by package

How to Use: Light the edge of a charcoal disc using a pair of metal tongs. When the disc is lit, place it (with indentation on top) in a fireproof dish filled with sand. Place a small amount of frankincense resin on the disc. Keep adding the resins every several minutes or so and remove the old residue before adding new resin. Be sure burner is placed and remains on a heat resistant surface when in use. After use, pour water on the charcoal to extinguish.

*As these are products grown in nature, there may be imperfections. No two products will be alike.

*Use caution when handling flames. Keep away from children & pets.