Types of Incense

Along with the long history of mankind, the culture of incense has developed in many ways. Some types of incense have developed from the influence of festivals and religious ceremonies. Other types of incense were developed by using ingredients brought in from foreign countries and influenced by Japanese style after being passed down from generation to generation. This fragrance brought something special to our daily lives.

Stick Incense

This is the most popular type of incense which can be burned to enjoy the floral, fruity, herbal, and many other varieties of fragrances sticks come in a variety of lengths for longer or shorter burning times.

Regular Stick Incense
Long Stick Incense
Short Stick Incense

Cone Incense

This form of incense burns quickly and strongly. It is also easier to use because the ash does not scatter. Light the tip of the cone and blow out the flame. Place the cone in a burner or on top of ash.

Cone Incense

Coil Incense

This type of incense is better suited for large spaces or areas that have a large flow of air, because it burns for many hours.

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